One of the more recent requests we’ve had is the ‘All in One’ shipment.  Basically, instead of having us receive multiple copies of a game and any additional add-on’s (more cards, expansions, etc from stretch goals), the all-in-one shipment option has the entire order come to us pre-packaged in a ready-to-ship box.

The idea behind this is to reduce the cost of shipping.  Our rates are based on our cost in terms of packaging material and time, so we charge a base rate and a cost for each additional item we pack.  The more items  / options in a game, the more likelihood there is of errors and thus, a higher error rate it’s possible.  Since we guarantee we’ll reship any errors that are due to our own fault, we generally try not to make any erorrs which equals a higher time cost.

Damaged All-in-One ShipmentsA all-in-one shipment takes us out of the equation, only requiring us to do shipping.  However, recent experiences have indicated that there are some issues with this approach.

  • If every package is unique, we save no labour cost at all as we have to locate each individual package and appropriately label it.  This is not obviously the case when the packages are all the same, but it is a concern when we have to find 500 unique packages to match.
  • Packages aren’t guaranteed to arrive to us in good condition.  Take a look to the left of the picture as you can see boxes crushed and torn.  This is particularly important for boxes at the bottom of a pallet because the weight of all the boxes above are weighing down on the games, so if proper boxes and packaging isn’t used, they are definitely going to be crushed.
  • Increased cubic space in initial shipment.  Once you’ve packaged the games in their final shipping boxes, the games now have an increased volume so you are paying for that increased space.  How much, I don’t know, I just do know that there is certainly an increase in cost there.
  • Lastly, I’d add that unless you are receiving additional parts & games in your house / final warehouse for parts replacement, you will have to be handling any additional customer service directly since at the end of such a shipment, we normally have nothing left unlike most other Kickstarter’s where we get sent a few extra copies (for damages, dings, etc.)

Considering all these things, we’ve updated our own internal policies about dealing with such shipments.  Specifically, we will ONLY do all-in-one shipments at a discount for products of all the same kind (or where the majority of the products are the same kind and are properly seperated and marked, e.g. 600 of core games only and 300 of core game & expansion).



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