Here’s a list of shipping cost to a variety of countries at the cheapest available shipping cost, shipped from Canada.  This is for a 2kg, 30 x 30 x 12cm package. XPressPost includes tracking as does Priority International Parcel, International Parcel Air does not.  International Parcel Surface is cheaper than IPA but is significantly slower.

All prices in Canadian dollars.

Country XPressPost International Parcel Air Priority International Parcel
Australia $103.30
Singapore $101.36
New Zealand $103.30
Hong Kong $101.36
Malaysia $101.36
Taiwan, Province of China $101.36
China $105.17
Brazil $112.02
Chile $112.02
Indonesia NA $100.49
Korea, Republic of $101.36
Mexico NA $58.64
Israel $125.11
Iceland $94.61
Japan $101.36
Argentina $112.02
Bahrain $106.13
Brunei Darussalam NA $100.49
India NA $100.49
Philippines $113.39
Thailand NA $84.25
Turkey NA $106.13
South Africa NA $105.90 $285.88

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