Frequently Asked Questions

We only need shipping management in Canada. Is that okay?

Definitely! We’ve done quite a few projects that are based in Canada only.

We would like to do shipping in the US. Do you do it?

Technically, yes. But realise that you are better off speaking with dedicated US fulfillment companies like FunAgain games and the Gamerati in the USA. They are much better and cheaper than shipping items to us to ship to the US.

Should we send additional product above the number of backers to  you?

Yes! Send us at least a few extra copies of the product because damages during shipment to us / while shipping happen. In general, we request that you send approximately 1%  of additional items to us for reshipments / replacements.  If we don’t have any additional product on-hand, it adds to your cost as we’ll need to receive the product from you to replace damaged, missing or mistaken shipments. If you send us a few more products, we’ll be able to keep your costs down.

What do you with the additional product?

That really depends on you. Generally, it can take up to 3 weeks after the last shipment has gone out before we know if there are any additional reshipments required.  Once that’s done, we’ll inform  you of what stock we have left and you can let us know what you want us to do with your remainder product.  Often, remainder product is sent off to last-minute backers or to reviewers.

For large quantities of products, we can continue to work with you servicing on-going orders in our warehouses and storing the products for you at the storage rates and order handling fees already listed.

Why do you need a deposit?

The deposit ensures that we can schedule our commitments correctly and not over-burden our warehouses and staff with too many shipments that arrive at the same time.  For especially large projects, the shipping costs can be significant and a deposit on the estimated shipping is required to ensure we are able to continually process shipments for all parties.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by check, wire transfer and PayPal.  Please note that if fees are incurred by wire transfer or PayPal, the additional cost of receiving the funds will be added to the invoice.

Can we pay only in US$

Yes, we can translate the Canadian dollar amounts you owe us at the exchange rate and you can send the payment in just US$.

What Kickstarter’s have you done?

We’ve done quite a few, mostly in the board game market, including fulfillment projects for Santorini, Red Dragon Inn 5, Police Precinct, Thunderbirds, Monarch and Bad Medicine to name a few.

What file formats do you accept?

We have specific file formats for backer information which we accept for use in Canada.  These are single-line CSV / Excel file formats which allow us to upload the backer data directly to our shipping software.

When do you expect the backer data?

We request that backer data be sent to us a week before the shipment is to arrive so that we can verify data and upload the documents to our shipping software.  Final changes to the backer data can be sent up to 3 days before shipping has begun.

We can try to accommodate last minute changes but please understand that once shipping has begun, it can be extremely difficult to locate a single parcel among hundreds (or thousands!).

What if we have an address change?

We request that project creators e-mail us the address changes in the same format, preferably in one last update (only the backers with an address change) just before we begin shipping.  Address changes sent to us after shipping has begun can sometimes be caught, and if shipping in the US, we can always re-route the package (at an additional charge).   Unfortunately, Canada Post currently does not allow packages to be re-routed once shipments have entered their system.

Will our backers receive e-mail tracking information?

Yes. In the above file formats, we request you input the backer e-mail addresses into the files. When shipment tracking numbers are created, backers will receive an automatic e-mail informing them of their tracking numbers.  At the end of the shipping process (or every day for extremely large projects); we will send a consolidated sheet with all tracking numbers for your backers.

Are you guys a real company / Who is this PDB Sales Inc.?

PDB Sales Inc. is our official company name in Canada.  We incorporated in 2007 and we own the webstores Starlit Citadel and Fortress Geek and at the request of some Board Game Kickstarter project creators started offering fulfillment services for them.

Do you handle freight shipping from China / Germany / etc to your location?

No. You are much better off handling freight shipping via the dedicated freight companies yourself.  They often require information that we do not / will not have and it cuts the processing and passing off of information significantly if you contact and manage this directly.

We have worked with and/or know of a number of such companies so if you require references, please do let us know!

I just need you to put labels on my shipment. All my games will be boxed at the warehouse.  Is there a discount?

Maybe, depending on the requirements of your project.  If we are just labeling and shipping packages, we can certainly remove the cost of the boxes from the Kickstarter fees.  However, if we are searching for specific boxes to label (i.e. every Kickstarter is different), this requires a significant amount of time and thus no discount is available.

How fast do you ship?

Once shipping begins (which is normally within 24 – 48 hours of receiving a delivery), orders ship out at an approximate rate of 300 – 400 orders a day.  Note that this is for a ‘simple’ Kickstarter with no add-on’s.  Multiple add-on’s with multiple variations slow down the shipping process significantly.

You have asked for a commercial invoice for brokerage.  What is that?

When we receive goods in the USA or Canada, we must declare the value of goods to the respective government.  To do so, we require a commercial invoice stating your business information (business name, address and phone number), our business information and information about the goods being imported.  This information should include a description of goods, an indicator of the country of origin of the goods, the quantity being imported and the per unit value.  In most cases, customers will want to declare the manufactured value of the goods.


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