United States of America Fulfillment

Shipments for US backers can be sent to our US facility in California where we will complete all shipping. In general, we use either FedEx for all shipments, with USPS used occasionally especially when required for APO Boxes, etc.  We can also provide additional services such as long-term storage and customer care options (e.g. sending replacement parts) upon request.

Items for Canadian fulfillment can also be sent to the California facility where we will then separate the products and freight the remainder to our US warehouse to be brought up to Canada.  Cost of freight will be added to the cost of shipping.

Fulfillment to backers in the United States (prices in US Dollars)


Service Fee Description
Receiving $20.00/hour Unpacking of the shipment, and inspection of received product for damage or defects. Average processing time is roughly 100 items/hour. This fee can be waived if you do not want us to inspect your shipment for accuracy/damages.


Order Handling $2.50 + $0.50 per item over 1st item Packing of individual orders for shipping to backers. Includes boxes and packing material, and cost of re-shipping lost or damaged orders.

Does not include cost of reshipping orders that were shipped correctly but need to be re-shipped due to change in addresses, wrong address information provided or other, non-shipper errors.

Shipping Varies We ship using courier companies at a discounted rate.  Approximate costs from $9 – $15 depending on size of package within the continental US.


Storage $1.50 per cubic foot. If you need us to store additional copies of stock for general sale / use, or if stock needs to be kept at our warehouse for more than 2 business days prior to shipment, storage fees will apply. Most shipments are sent out immediately after being received.  No storage fee is charged for additional product sent to us to cover reshipments (if any).


Brokerage Approximately $60 Customs Fees + duty The Customs Fees covers the direct brokerage fee of importing the good and will vary depending on the value of the goods being imported.  If we are charged sales tax/duty on the items being imported, you will be assessed this amount as well.


Estimated Shipping Cost

All costs listed are estimates only and are based off volumetric weights and off a ‘normal’ backer split of 80% East Coast and 20% West Coast backers.

0.45kg (1lb)
1.0kg 1.5kg 2.0kg 3.0kg 5.0kg
Cost/Parcel $9.18 $11.28 $12.03 $12.6 $13.57 $16.31

The Next Steps

Interested in crowdfunding fulfillment through us? Contact us with the following details:

  • weight and dimensions of all items to be shipped
  • expected quantity of items to ship
  • estimated delivery date
  • services required, including any special handling and/or storage

After we have received your information, we can provide a more detailed quote if required. If you are happy with our service, we will request an initial deposit of the order handling fees which will help us reserve the time slot for your project. Obviously, if the project is delayed, we can shift fulfillment windows as well but fulfillment might be behind other Kickstarter’s that have arrived as scheduled.



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