Packing tablesStarlit Citadel is able to provide Crowdfunding Fulfillment for Canada.  We also provide limited fulfillment for International orders from Canada, though this is only suitable for projects with a small number of backers in international regions.  We recommend that project creators speak with other continent specific fulfillment services for better pricing if they need to ship a significant number of packages in other continents.

Backer rewards are fulfilled at our locations in Vancouver, BC and all brokerage and imports costs can be handled by Starlit Citadel Logistics.  By using in-country shipping options, we are able to provide low cost shipping services for you and your backers.

Why Not Do it Yourselves?

For those with only a few backer rewards to mail out, it would make sense to do shipping in-house.  However, once you are looking at more than 100 shipments, the cost and time savings of using a 3rd party fulfillment center starts being significant.  Among other reasons:

  • We can provide savings up to 40% off posted rates for shipping and box / packaging costs
  • We easily process over 20 parcels per hour per person with the systems and software we have.  On average, we ship between 300 – 400 shipments a day, with the potential to do significantly higher volume depending on the project.
  • We will cover the cost of mis-shipments that we made mistakes on, and because we’ve got the experience in doing mass shipments, the damaged goods and reshipment error rate is <1%!
  • Our fulfillment options lower the cost of shipping in Canada , depending on where you would normally fulfill your project
  • Lastly, we can provide expert advice on issues like importing, brokerage and the necessary documentation that is required to ensure that your project faces the fewest number of hurdles.

Next Steps

If you are interested in our services, please contact us with as much of the following information as you have:

  • total number of shipments
  • weight and dimensions of all items to be shipped
  • expected quantity of items to ship
  • estimated delivery date
  • services required, including any special handling and/or storage

This estimate is valid for 30 days.

We require 100% payment of all Import & Order Handling Fees and a deposit of 75% of the estimated shipping cost before we accept any stock for fulfillment.  Any remaining charges, including any adjustments made as a result of duty fees, additional handling, and the final shipping costs, are due once fulfillment is completed.  A third, final invoice may be issued if additional reshipments are required.

We can accept payments by Check, Wire Transfer or PayPal.  Any fees incurred for the Wire Transfer or PayPal will be added to the final invoice.

Please note that the shipping estimates provided are based on provided weights and dimensions and valid for within 30 days of the quote and are estimated on an 80% East Coast / 20% West Coast split in shipments.  Significant differences in location of shipments may vary the final cost of the shipments.


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