Kickstarter boxes ready to shipStarlit Citadel provides crowdfunding fulfillment for successful crowdfunding projects.  We provide shipping fulfillment and storage for both the US and Canada in one company, reducing your communication burden.

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo crowdfunding projects have been extremely successful in the last few years, with many new businesses and projects making their way into the world through these platforms.  Often, backer rewards are tied to the distribution of the end product, whether it is a board game, a bag or an article of clothing. Unfortunately, many traditional fulfillment centers are not set-up to handle one-off projects like Crowdfunding projects.

Why use an independent third party fulfillment center like ours?

  • Experience handling complex shipping tasks
  • Discounted shipping rates that are passed on
  • Shipping for both Canadian backers to reduce overall shipping costs with customs fees handled up-front (i.e. your customers won’t be hit with a surprise custom fee!)

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